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Sparks And Gem

Sea Shell Charm and Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Bracelet Length

* 6mm, round Rose Quartz beads

* Natural Rose Quartz

* Sea Shell charm have about a 3/4 inch drop (total length)

* Charm is made of 14k (14/20) gold-filled metal

* The small, round gold color beads are also made from 14k (14/20) gold-filled metal.

* Each round gold beads are about 2.5mm

* Stretch bracelet

* Bracelet Lengths:
    * 6.5 inches
    * 7 inches
    * 7.5 inches
    * 8 inches
    * 8.5 inches

Please note: These are standard bracelet lengths. We have helpful information below to get your ideal bracelet length.

* Please measure your wrist before purchase. You can refer to the information below.

To get your ideal bracelet length, there are 2 options:

a.) Measure your exact wrist size by using a tape measure.

b.) Add allowance

After measuring, add at least 1/2 inch allowance or more depending on how loose you want the bracelet to be. Consider also the comfort of sliding the bracelet on/off your hand. It should not be too tight or loose on your hand when wearing it on and taking it off.

c.) Match your measurement to the list of available bracelet lengths.

a.) Let the smallest finger and thumb to at least touch together.

b.) Use a tape measure to wrap just around the middle palm

c.) Match the measurement, you’ve got to the available bracelet lengths.

d.) The advantage of this technique, is that you prevent your stretch bracelet from over-stretching, especially when your hands are a bit wider than your wrist. This option can be useful for scouting the right cuff bracelet size for you.

If none match your preferred bracelet length, please contact us. We maybe able to adjust the length.

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