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Sparks And Gem

8mm Multi Colour Sunstone Semi Precious Gemstone Elastic Mood Bracelet • 5 Sizes

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Love the season again with these beautiful Sunstone semi-precious gemstones. High quality and well polished. 

• 8mm - 8.5mm, round, natural and genuine Sunstone.

• The bracelet is a variety of Sunstone's colors.

• Some stones could be beige, brown, orange or combination of each colors.

• Some may have specks of other colors like brown, black, etc.,. For sure, each stone will look unique from the other as this are natural semi precious gemstones. It is what gives the stone its character, and interesting, beautiful appearance.

• Not all beads will look alike as this is a natural stone.

• Good quality beads with a high polished look.

• Can be worn by man and woman, adult or teens.

• Not all beads will look alike as this is a natural stone.• There are 5 lengths to choose from:
1.) 6”
2.) 6.5”
3.) 7”
4.) 7.5”
5.) 8”

Please note:
• The bracelet length on the picture is more on the medium to large size. It can fit also men, and some women who prefers to wear looser bracelets, but the best way to be sure is by getting your wrist size, and using a tape measure to accomplish that.

Wrap the tape measure on the smallest part of your wrist. Add about 1/2 inch or more to the measurement result, depending on how loose you want the bracelet to be

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