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6mm Kyanite Beads Stretch Bracelet - (Lengths: 6", 6.5", 7", 7.5", 8", 8.5") - Sku#SGJ183064

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Bracelet Length
* These are natural Kyanite stones.

* Each bead is about 6mm in diameter.

* The bracelet length will depend on your choice of the following:
- 6 inches
- 6.5 inches
- 7 inches
- 7.5 inches
- 8 inches
- 8.5 inches
- 9 inches

* Please get the exact measurement of your wrists with a tape measure. Add, at least, 1/2 inch or more allowance, depending on how loose you want your bracelet to be.

* Choose from the choices of bracelet length sizes from the drop-down list.

* Please note that these are natural stones so each bead will not look the same. Colour of the beads might vary slighty.

* You have an option to request for a charm to attached on the bracelet. We will not charge you for the labour, but you do have to pay for the charm. We only accept charms bought from our store.

* If this is a gift, we can include a greeting note to your order for free.
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